Thursday, June 7, 2007

Spurs vs. Cavs Game 1: Welcome To The Finals LeBron!

The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the San Antonio Spurs twice in two attempts during this season. That just a shows how different things can be during the Finals. Bron-Bron averaged 27 ppg against the Spurs during the regular season. Game 1, only a mere 14 points for James who struggled to penetrate the tank that was San Antonios defense.

During the first half the game stayed pretty competitive. Yes the Spurs controlled the ENTIRE game, but what i mean by competitive is they didn't get the poo stomped out of them (i.e. the second half). Lil Danny Gibson (who definitely started eating his wheaties during the playoffs) provided little offensive sparks that kept the Cavs in it in the first half. LeBron on the other hand started off 0-9 with only 4 points. LEBRON FOR FINALS MVP!

The Second half was a completely different story. The Spurs went to work. San Antonio's ball movement made the Cleveland defense look a bunch of of blind people in a burning building. The spurs caught fire during the second half mostly because of Parkers penetration that opened up the court.

At a certain point Cleveland was down 20 in the second half. It is clear that cleveland is playing on a court with a team that is much better than them. You know the media will ask the question, "is LeBron good enough to beat the spurs?" The spurs have won the championship twice in the last 6 years with a third impeding. so the answer to that question is, "is that a fair question?"

While the Spurs murdered the Cavs in the third, Drew Gooden tapped into the power of the ugly patch of hair that exist just under his head band. He provided a couple impressive offensive possesions that prevented Beno Udrih from getting mucho minutos.

Toward the end of the game Cleveland started showing a little life. LeBron tried to ease his way back into the game after making a couple impressive passes, scoring on tim duncan, and hitting a couple jumpers. In fact Bron led the cavs to come within 5. Heading into the last minutes Bron crumbled back into his iron unkind play and started forcing passes and shots. He was pulled out of the game during the final minute. Brons last shot probably caused cleveland the game. It was a gamble, he lost.

During closing moments Al Pavolvic and Danny Gibson put up some of the games most impressive plays. Pavolvic threw down an up and around reverse dunk that toilet bowled its way into the rim, and Danny Gibson continued to use his impressive offensive Repertoire. These of course were when the game was already over.


-Mike Brown needs to be a little more pro-active of a coach. During the Spurs thrid quarter crushing, it was LeBron who called the time out, not brown. Way to step up young fella.

-Big Z was a ghost. He had a whole 2 points. Yes its hard when your guarded by Tim Duncan but that doesnt mean you cant hit your wide open jump shots on the wing.

-Tony Parker is a beast. Not because he used to date Eva Longoria, but because he owned the Cavs. Parker drove to the basket all game, and the only one who could stop him was bron-bron. understandable. He kept the defense on there toes and more importantly kept them lost. Add 7 assist and you have the games best preformance. NICE TONY, NICE.

-What can you say about Timbot. Well he was Timmy. Duncan ended the game with 24 and 13. Tim is going to get his number no matter what. We could let the Cavs play with 3 extra players on the court. Tim would still get his 20 and 10. This is not speculation it is fact. Tim is a robot. He programmed to get at least 20 points and 10 rebounds on a hardwood court in a matter of 48 minutes. Its in his programming theres nothing we can do.

-Bron has to play aggresive next game. Was bron a little nervous, NO, he was scared out of his mind. Why shoudn't he be? Most players are barely finishing up college at his age. Bron started to figure out how to penetrate San Antonios defense near the end, so america has something to look foward too. Bron also needs to step up and be a leader. At certain points you could tell bron was afraid to touch the ball. If bron is afraid of the rock, so will the rest of the roster.


If i were a betting man, I'd bet that some sports writers are going to say that cleveland started to show life during the second half. They will also probably say that LeBron started finding people and scoring during the second half. They will also say that Mike Brown is going to make the neccesary adjustments to make the game competitive. I say:


as a side note i would just like to let the public note, i would like to see the cavs take this series. will they? NO! they have about as much of chance as a donut has in front of rosie o'donell.