Wednesday, March 28, 2007

From 8 to 4

After last night the Final Four is set. The Florida Gators and UCLA Bruins will be a rematch of last year’s championship game. You can taste the blood already. On the other side of the bracket are the Georgetown Hoyas and the Ohio State Buckeyes. John Thompson III will continue his quest to nab a national championship in three years as head coach. The catch? He would one up his father, legendary Hoyas coach John Thompson, by doing it one year sooner. Don't push the young guys too hard Thompson.

Georgetown Hoyas vs. Ohio State Buckeyes

First off, great job by Georgetown mentally bullying Tyler Hansbrough and the young North Carolina team off the court. With two minutes left, no one on the Tar Heels wanted the ball. Now the task at hand. In exception to the Tennessee game, Greg Oden averaged 16.6 points and 13.3 rebounds. Solid. Even better, Though Oden was in early foul trouble, the Memphis Tigers’ two big men only contributed 9 points.

Georgetown is looking equally fit. Roy Hibbert completely sealed off the paint for Hansbrough and the Tar Heels. Hibbert recorded six blocks on the night. Add 11 rebounds and 13 points, and you have one of the best performances of the round.

Georgetown has become increasingly dangerous this postseason. Of all starters, Hibbert had a low of 13 points in the team’s last outing. The games top performances came from junior Jeff Green, 22 points, and freshman DaJuan Summers, 20 points. The Hoyas have had different players step up and score on different occasions. What does this mean? You have five completely able players that could step up at any point in time. That is dangerous, very dangerous.

Ohio’s senior guard Ron Lewis has been lighting the score boards up as of late. Lewis is averaging 24.6 points a game in his last 3 games. Freshman guard Mike Conley Jr. has averaged 19 points a game in his last 3 outings as well. Ohio is scoring, and scoring very well right now. Look for Conley, Lewis, and Oden to give the Hoyas plenty of problems.

The games most important match-up will be between Hibbert and Oden. Hibbert is coming off one of the round’s best performances. In the same light, Oden is coming off one of the year’s best performances. John Thompson III will have to keep a sharp eye on Hibbert. Hibbert had 4 personal fouls with 3:48 to go in the Hoyas last outing against the Tar Heels. The Tar Heels biggest man was the 6-9 Hansbrough. This time out, Hibbert will have to guard one of he NCAA’s most physical big men. Oden, at seven-feet-tall could definitely be giving Coach Thompson and company some trouble.

UCLA Bruins vs. Florida Gators

Only one word can be used to describe this year’s rematch of last year’s championship game; epic. The combination of Darren Collison and Arron Afflalo has been the offensive catalyst in UCLA’s dominant defensive play. Afflalo and Collison have combined for more than 30 points a game in the team’s last three games. Though the two players have been brilliant offensively, the Bruins team chemistry has been worth watching. The Bruins have only given up 50.25 points a game in their last four games.

The Florida Gators made a commitment after last years national championship to go for another one. It is insanely close happening. What really can be said about Florida’s Joakim Noah, Al Horford, and Corey Brewer, that hasn’t been said before? They are big, they are versatile, and most importantly they win games. On average the big three are scoring very similar to last year at around 38 points a game, but have improved from 19.8 rebounds a game to 22.4 rebounds a game. 3 rebounds is not a lot in the big picture, but technically it makes the big three better this year.

Aside from the big three, Florida is coming off a very interesting game. Senior guard Lee Humphrey scored a whopping 23 points in Sunday’s game against the Oregon Ducks. This was Humphrey’s best play of the postseason. To boot, junior guard Taurean Green scored 21 in Sunday’s effort. In the last three games Green has scored 14, 17, and now 21. Green has become more of a threat, the further the Gators advance into the postseason. It will be very interesting to see how this trend works out in coming game versus UCLA.

The match-up between UCLA and Florida will be very complex. Green and Humphrey are coming off big scoring nights, but they were also guarded by the undersized guards of Oregon. The Afflalo and Collison combination will provide Florida’s guards will plenty to worry about offensively and defensively. Look to Florida to break down UCLA’s zone defense and go toward its guards on the wings. The back court match-up is definitely in favor of UCLA.

The front court is a totally different story. Look toward Noah, Brewer, and Horford to present the usual trouble the versatile trio presents on nightly basis. The biggest mismatch will be between UCLA’s Lorenzo Mata and Florida’s Horford. Mata is coming off a three point and two rebound game versus Kansas, and scored over 10 points once in the last seven games. On the other hand, Horford has had a great year for the Gators. He is nearly two points and two rebounds better statistically than last year’s championship effort. Horford also preformed poorly against Oregon scoring only 6 points, and grabbing 7 rebounds. Look to Horford to bounce back during the team’s next outing.

The Final Four will air March 31 from the Georgia Dome in Atlanta, Georgia. The Ohio State (1) vs. Georgetown game will start at 6:07 EDT and the UCLA (2) vs. Florida (1) will start at 8: 47 EDT.

Monday, March 19, 2007


I really don't know why i decided to do this post. I just kind of got an odd feeling to just start typing so i guess we will start with the best players at everyposition at this point in the season. This is such a generic post, but i need to just type right now so bare with me.

POINT GUARD - Steve Nash
We'll it seems the suns aren't too good without their cannuck. It is no doubt that the suns are a tremendously talented team, and not too mention they're pretty deep to boot. You would think players like STAT, Marion, Bell, Barbosa, and company could keep it together without the little guy. WRONG! the suns are 4-11 without Mr. two-time MVP. Whether it is moving the ball, or scoring, Nash keeps the suns together. Only thing, dude can't get past a screen for the life of him
honorable mention: AGENT O (Washington is 3rd in the east right now. The east is wack, but you know what, AGENT O has his team in a much better place now than last year. You can call it a bias but i don't care. IMPOSSIBLE IS HONORABLE MENTION... can i get a self portait please!

Im sorry to say this, but the Lakers have one of the worst lineups in the NBA. Okay there is potential in Bynum, but outside of that what are the lakers working with. Odom is having a so so year, but is that enough to call the Lakers good? Put it this way, the Lakers in in the Western Conference, and they are holding the 6 spot. THE WEST SON! Detroit has the best record in the East, but they would be tied for the fifth spot if they were moved to the western conference today. Basically the LA Kobes are in a tough conference and playing with a record par to the best in the east. Mamba is holding it down this year. Oh yeah just in case you forgot, he's coming off a 50 and 65 point game, google the kid!

honorable mention: T-Mac (Watch this post season, Houston is gonna surprise some people)

J-HO wins games... thats all i have to say. This guy is probably one of the most talented basketball players to emerge in the last two years. He will guard 1-4, his offensive bag of tools is busting at the seams, has the ability to take lead or role play, and not to mention a signature move that it pretty close to impossible to stop. In short, J-HO = ABILITY. Not to mention a great NBA frame.

honorable mention: LeBron James (Kids been slackin the whole year, but he is starting to turn it up. he could be the best SF at the end of the year. Yes Cleveland is number two in the east this year, but Lebron is playing in a weaker conference and not winning as many games. But honestly the determining factor was pure heart. J-HO puts it out there night in and night out)


Similar to J-HO, Dirk wins games. Dirk is tall, Dirk can shoot, Dirk's shot is German engineered. We like Dirk. The Mavs record as of today is a league best 54-11. Seeing as Dirk is the center peice to the Mavs' franchize, that would make him the best player at his position. The surprising thing is Dirk is not putting up numbers like a traditional 4 either. He is not playing ball like Garnett or Howard, he is changing the position all together. Dirk like nash is a little soft in the ass, but another thing they have in common is they know how to win. Dirk is an offensive machine. The only worry about Dirty D is if he can show up in the playoffs. His heart has been challenged on more than one occasion

honorable mention: Tim Duncan. Duncan has been a factor ever since his rookie year. 9 years later, Duncan is slower, but his game is reinforced by his superb fundamentals. The Spurs are right on the tails of Phoenix and Dallas. This could make San Antonio Dangerous, lack of media attention and praise, could make the Spurs a suprise team this post-season.

CENTER - MEMHET OKUR/ DWIGHT HOWARD - Why a tie? Well each player has a different importance. Dwight Howard has nothing in Orlando, but the young lad is a beast. Nobody should be that strong and athletic. Howard is 18 and 12 on the season, and gets my respect for making Ben Wallace look like a small inanimate object. Next Memo Okur. Okur has stepped up and been a great leading man in Utah. I've always considerd Memo the poor man's Dirk. Memo effectlively Spreads the floor for Boozer and Kirelinko to work downlow, and can step up and contribute offensively at any point in the game. Okur is not your traditional big man (i.e. Howard) but nonetheless is doing what he does well, and more importantly winning games.

honorable mention: Yao Ming. If Yellow fever didn't break his leg, this could have easily been Yao's year. In the few games he's played Yao is 24 and 9.3. DOMINANT. Im trying to tell you right now that the rockets are your 06-07 champs if T-mac and Yao stay healthy. Stay tuned America!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Greg Oden Welcome Home

Yeah... Just in case you didn't know. Memphis is bad. They are really bad. I mean they are 16-49 at this point in the season. The Grizz GM Jerry West either completely messed up that roster and made too many bad decsions, or some how talked everybody into taking one of the worst dives in NBA history... Im comparing the Grizz this year to Ricky Davis' Triple Double Attempt... NO NO NO JERRY YOU CANNOT THROW THE BALL OFF THE WINDOW TO GIVE YOURSELF THAT 10th REBOUND. In a perfect world David Stern would give the Grizz this years last pick in every round... but again that is in a perfect world. Not a surprise from a team whose capitan gets caught with herb once a season. O well, in the bigger picture of things...


STOTTS GETS TOSSED.... boo this man

TERRY STOTTS GOT THE BOOT! This was probably music to every Bucks fans ears. I mean what do the Bucks not have. They have one of the leauges most dangerous offensive threats (Redd), Two of the leagues up and coming big men (Bogut & Villunueva), more than solid role players at the 1 and 3 (Simmons & Williams), and a couple of bench players that could probably start for a number of other teams (Patterson, Boykins, and Bell). Okay maybe they are a little soft in the post, but it's nothing a little speed couldn't help. I mean speed got the suns into the second round. I mean seriously the guy only won 40 games once his whole head coaching career.

"Terry has done the best he could in a difficult situation, especially with all of our injuries.”
-Bucks GM Larry Harris

Okay first, the reason the bucks are getting injured is because you have a fast team trying to run a set offense... That will beat your team up. You gotta keep guys like Redd, Williams, and Bogut constantly moving. You don't draft a passing center to a slow moving team. That is when you draft a center that is more power oriented.... GET YOUR BARS UP TERRY!

Secondly, this junk about a difficult situation is well...junk. When you have a strong line up that is what i call an excuse. Harris basically should have just said, hey terry you couldnt run this basketball team the correct way, so were gettin rid of you.

Oh yeah and just to note: at this point the Bucks are 23-41, okay you had Redd out a couple games, but only 23 games won in 64 games is straight garbage. Maybe you take the point that the Bucks made the playoffs last year. SUPER! but lets not forget the fact that it is the Eastern Conference, This year the Knicks had a shot at the playoffs. not that big of a feat people...

in the words of that crackhead in half-baked...


Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Mike Tyson: Words From a Man of The World

I don't know if you know this yet, but Mike Tyson is one of the most eloquent human beings on the face of the planet. Okay maybe not eloquent, but listening to any audio of Mike Tyson is pretty damn entertaining.

Today was no exception.

When doing my daily rounds through various Internet sites, I visited's random section. I usually enjoy this section seeing as they have had videos with Esther Baxter, of freek-a-leek fame, random Dipset poster sitings, and not too mention really interesting shorts. Today I watched one of their newest videos which featured Mike Tyson and his opinion about graffiti art.

YO MIKE IS A STRAIGHT PHILOSOPHER KID! Mike Tyson may have strung some of the wildest thoughts together. Mike basically said that graffiti art was a form of literature. Then went on about people dieing for graffiti. Graffiti is now literature. Mike started talking about people falling off of roof tops, getting shot by cops, and getting electrocuted on train tracks. I mean i know these things happen sometimes but do you have to make everything so morbid Mike?

Seriously, that is the kind of thing society needs to appreciate about Mike Tyson. This man can tap into the pain of life and use it to do anything. Mike better dedicate his next fight to literature, graffiti, and eating Bob Sapp's kids!

The absolute best part, was when Mike said he didn't understand why people would risk their lives to get up. Well i guess i don't understand how some one can get pounded in the face for a period of 20 years...but in all seriousness i want to end this entry with words from Mike Tyson Himself...

“I want to throw down your kid and stomp on his testicles, and then you will know what it is like to experience waking up everyday as me. And only then will you feel my pain."

Anderson Is A Witness...

I am a big fan of the NBA's international players. Dirk Nowitizki, Memo Okur, Yao Ming, and Manu Ginobli; These are players that not only transtioned over from the international game, but became superstars in the American game as well.

Hell, I'd even take my hat off for players like Luol Deng, Leandro Barbosa, Darius Songalia, or Andrew Bogut; Players who came into the American game and became crucial role players for their respective teams.

You get the point. I think the NBA's international players make the game more fundamental and fun to watch.

However I have to make an exception...

Anderson Varejao is not an international player that makes the NBA more exciting. One might say that his hair is exciting. I disagree, If anything he looks annoying. He looks like Justin Guarini. Again, annoying.

On Mar. 6, 2007, one of the greatest events in Clevland Cavelier basketball took place. LEBRON MADE ANDERSON A WITNESS! According to, Varejao had been theiving Lebron's rebounds through most of the game. I didn't get to see that. But after watching the highlights a couple minutes ago, I fell out of my seat laughing.

In the closing moments in the Houston and Clevland game, Larry Hughes Through a lob in the direction of Varejao. Out of nowhere Lebron comes flying into the screen to put down a viscous dunk. Lebron Posterized Anderson, and made the world a better place. applause for Lebron. That will teach Justin Varejao to ever steal a rebound from lebron again. Honestly i hope Lebron does again for shits and giggles.

The best part is good ol' Larry Hughes went and backed up his boy after it was all said and done.
"It (the lob pass) was to LeBron and I saw Andy (Anderson Varejao) getting ready to go for it, so I kind of threw it a little higher and thought he wouldn't jump and he jumped anyway. But I saw LeBron cutting the whole time."

.....or Lebron just got tired of sideshow bob and gave him the buinsess. You be the judge.