Wednesday, March 14, 2007

STOTTS GETS TOSSED.... boo this man

TERRY STOTTS GOT THE BOOT! This was probably music to every Bucks fans ears. I mean what do the Bucks not have. They have one of the leauges most dangerous offensive threats (Redd), Two of the leagues up and coming big men (Bogut & Villunueva), more than solid role players at the 1 and 3 (Simmons & Williams), and a couple of bench players that could probably start for a number of other teams (Patterson, Boykins, and Bell). Okay maybe they are a little soft in the post, but it's nothing a little speed couldn't help. I mean speed got the suns into the second round. I mean seriously the guy only won 40 games once his whole head coaching career.

"Terry has done the best he could in a difficult situation, especially with all of our injuries.”
-Bucks GM Larry Harris

Okay first, the reason the bucks are getting injured is because you have a fast team trying to run a set offense... That will beat your team up. You gotta keep guys like Redd, Williams, and Bogut constantly moving. You don't draft a passing center to a slow moving team. That is when you draft a center that is more power oriented.... GET YOUR BARS UP TERRY!

Secondly, this junk about a difficult situation is well...junk. When you have a strong line up that is what i call an excuse. Harris basically should have just said, hey terry you couldnt run this basketball team the correct way, so were gettin rid of you.

Oh yeah and just to note: at this point the Bucks are 23-41, okay you had Redd out a couple games, but only 23 games won in 64 games is straight garbage. Maybe you take the point that the Bucks made the playoffs last year. SUPER! but lets not forget the fact that it is the Eastern Conference, This year the Knicks had a shot at the playoffs. not that big of a feat people...

in the words of that crackhead in half-baked...


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