Wednesday, March 7, 2007

Mike Tyson: Words From a Man of The World

I don't know if you know this yet, but Mike Tyson is one of the most eloquent human beings on the face of the planet. Okay maybe not eloquent, but listening to any audio of Mike Tyson is pretty damn entertaining.

Today was no exception.

When doing my daily rounds through various Internet sites, I visited's random section. I usually enjoy this section seeing as they have had videos with Esther Baxter, of freek-a-leek fame, random Dipset poster sitings, and not too mention really interesting shorts. Today I watched one of their newest videos which featured Mike Tyson and his opinion about graffiti art.

YO MIKE IS A STRAIGHT PHILOSOPHER KID! Mike Tyson may have strung some of the wildest thoughts together. Mike basically said that graffiti art was a form of literature. Then went on about people dieing for graffiti. Graffiti is now literature. Mike started talking about people falling off of roof tops, getting shot by cops, and getting electrocuted on train tracks. I mean i know these things happen sometimes but do you have to make everything so morbid Mike?

Seriously, that is the kind of thing society needs to appreciate about Mike Tyson. This man can tap into the pain of life and use it to do anything. Mike better dedicate his next fight to literature, graffiti, and eating Bob Sapp's kids!

The absolute best part, was when Mike said he didn't understand why people would risk their lives to get up. Well i guess i don't understand how some one can get pounded in the face for a period of 20 years...but in all seriousness i want to end this entry with words from Mike Tyson Himself...

“I want to throw down your kid and stomp on his testicles, and then you will know what it is like to experience waking up everyday as me. And only then will you feel my pain."

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merjoem32 said...

Well, the baddest man in boxing has always been entertaining. You can expect something explosive both inside and outside the ring from Mike Tyson.