Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Greg Oden Welcome Home

Yeah... Just in case you didn't know. Memphis is bad. They are really bad. I mean they are 16-49 at this point in the season. The Grizz GM Jerry West either completely messed up that roster and made too many bad decsions, or some how talked everybody into taking one of the worst dives in NBA history... Im comparing the Grizz this year to Ricky Davis' Triple Double Attempt... NO NO NO JERRY YOU CANNOT THROW THE BALL OFF THE WINDOW TO GIVE YOURSELF THAT 10th REBOUND. In a perfect world David Stern would give the Grizz this years last pick in every round... but again that is in a perfect world. Not a surprise from a team whose capitan gets caught with herb once a season. O well, in the bigger picture of things...


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