Monday, March 19, 2007


I really don't know why i decided to do this post. I just kind of got an odd feeling to just start typing so i guess we will start with the best players at everyposition at this point in the season. This is such a generic post, but i need to just type right now so bare with me.

POINT GUARD - Steve Nash
We'll it seems the suns aren't too good without their cannuck. It is no doubt that the suns are a tremendously talented team, and not too mention they're pretty deep to boot. You would think players like STAT, Marion, Bell, Barbosa, and company could keep it together without the little guy. WRONG! the suns are 4-11 without Mr. two-time MVP. Whether it is moving the ball, or scoring, Nash keeps the suns together. Only thing, dude can't get past a screen for the life of him
honorable mention: AGENT O (Washington is 3rd in the east right now. The east is wack, but you know what, AGENT O has his team in a much better place now than last year. You can call it a bias but i don't care. IMPOSSIBLE IS HONORABLE MENTION... can i get a self portait please!

Im sorry to say this, but the Lakers have one of the worst lineups in the NBA. Okay there is potential in Bynum, but outside of that what are the lakers working with. Odom is having a so so year, but is that enough to call the Lakers good? Put it this way, the Lakers in in the Western Conference, and they are holding the 6 spot. THE WEST SON! Detroit has the best record in the East, but they would be tied for the fifth spot if they were moved to the western conference today. Basically the LA Kobes are in a tough conference and playing with a record par to the best in the east. Mamba is holding it down this year. Oh yeah just in case you forgot, he's coming off a 50 and 65 point game, google the kid!

honorable mention: T-Mac (Watch this post season, Houston is gonna surprise some people)

J-HO wins games... thats all i have to say. This guy is probably one of the most talented basketball players to emerge in the last two years. He will guard 1-4, his offensive bag of tools is busting at the seams, has the ability to take lead or role play, and not to mention a signature move that it pretty close to impossible to stop. In short, J-HO = ABILITY. Not to mention a great NBA frame.

honorable mention: LeBron James (Kids been slackin the whole year, but he is starting to turn it up. he could be the best SF at the end of the year. Yes Cleveland is number two in the east this year, but Lebron is playing in a weaker conference and not winning as many games. But honestly the determining factor was pure heart. J-HO puts it out there night in and night out)


Similar to J-HO, Dirk wins games. Dirk is tall, Dirk can shoot, Dirk's shot is German engineered. We like Dirk. The Mavs record as of today is a league best 54-11. Seeing as Dirk is the center peice to the Mavs' franchize, that would make him the best player at his position. The surprising thing is Dirk is not putting up numbers like a traditional 4 either. He is not playing ball like Garnett or Howard, he is changing the position all together. Dirk like nash is a little soft in the ass, but another thing they have in common is they know how to win. Dirk is an offensive machine. The only worry about Dirty D is if he can show up in the playoffs. His heart has been challenged on more than one occasion

honorable mention: Tim Duncan. Duncan has been a factor ever since his rookie year. 9 years later, Duncan is slower, but his game is reinforced by his superb fundamentals. The Spurs are right on the tails of Phoenix and Dallas. This could make San Antonio Dangerous, lack of media attention and praise, could make the Spurs a suprise team this post-season.

CENTER - MEMHET OKUR/ DWIGHT HOWARD - Why a tie? Well each player has a different importance. Dwight Howard has nothing in Orlando, but the young lad is a beast. Nobody should be that strong and athletic. Howard is 18 and 12 on the season, and gets my respect for making Ben Wallace look like a small inanimate object. Next Memo Okur. Okur has stepped up and been a great leading man in Utah. I've always considerd Memo the poor man's Dirk. Memo effectlively Spreads the floor for Boozer and Kirelinko to work downlow, and can step up and contribute offensively at any point in the game. Okur is not your traditional big man (i.e. Howard) but nonetheless is doing what he does well, and more importantly winning games.

honorable mention: Yao Ming. If Yellow fever didn't break his leg, this could have easily been Yao's year. In the few games he's played Yao is 24 and 9.3. DOMINANT. Im trying to tell you right now that the rockets are your 06-07 champs if T-mac and Yao stay healthy. Stay tuned America!

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